Hello stranger…let’s chat!

My name is Cat and I’m a wandering reader, writer, tea-drinking cardslinger on a spiritual and earthly quest of sorting life out.

Welcome to my virtual stomping ground where I go on reconnaissance missions and hash out battle plans and actions to conquer the biggest boss of all – life (and everything in between).

My life (and probably areas of your life as well), is currently uncharted and I’ve decided that my mission is to be better than I am and reclaim what I’ve lost, forgotten or haven’t even unveiled yet.

I’ve split my focus into three areas:

  • Knowledge: Read and engage with media created by people wiser than myself (with some junk participation on the side);

  • Insight: Using cartomancy to understand my headspace (*cough* shadow-work);

  • Action: Pretty self-explanatory – IRL

So are you a battle-worn comrade that needs a little bit of respite and helpful tidings to pump up your self-esteem and level-up your grit? Do you have withered dreams like your pot plants because you forgot to water them? (Yep, SML). Or are you a fellow book/game/film/tarot nerd who just wants to geek out? Whatever the reason, let’s be pals! Connect with me in the comments or via social media and let’s tame this life boss together!



Disclaimer: The views expressed on this blog are merely my own. I may (more than likely) be ignorant of your opinions so I hope you respectfully re-educate me and I will listen.