It seems you have stumbled across this page from goodness knows where and so I bid you a warm welcome and a pleasant stay.

The purpose of this blog is mainly to regurgitate my many useless thoughts upon a single page in the endeavour to improve my English as well as seem slightly current and entertaining. This I will find horrendously impossible to achieve, but I shall try and see where this little venture leads too.

I also intend to start a YouTube channel to stop me from regurgitating my ideas into a verbal vomit that leaves me appearing like a child-like fool. But I shall do that soon once I figure out how to use the editing software to make it seem slightly distinctive.

If you wish to contact or befriend me in any way, please don’t hesitate. The best response is through Twitter.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/catschinwag

(YouTube Channel currently under construction)

(I barely use Facebook, so no, I will not post it.)

I will not stand anyone spamming me. You can recommend articles or websites that are considered trustworthy sites that contain decent material, but nothing else. Also, I will not tolerate “PpL wHo RiTe LiKe ThIs.” I’ll probably delete your comment or edit it to make it seem readable and not offensive to the English language. English is a beautiful language; please use it appropriately.

Anyway, have fun reading and thank you for stopping by.



Disclaimer: The views expressed on this site are merely that of a disillusioned fool and I hope that they do not offend too much. If in the event that you find it defamatory, please notify me to remove the post. I am a poor uni student who cannot afford all the legal costs, so an apology and a removal is the best I can do.

But remember, I live in a country where free speech is allowed, and this is purely based on opinion, not with the desired intent to destroy someone’s reputation and livelihood.